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attempting to block progress. By Judy Blume
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Debt rolls a man over and over, binding him hand and foot, and letting him hang upon the fatal mesh until the long-legged interest devours him. By Henry Ward Beecher
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That annoying thing that tourists did, opening a feed into London's sea of blue plaques. By William Gibson
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robbing banks and killing people in the By Tom Gallagher
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frittering our money away on extravagant trips By St. John Greene
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Battering the gates of heaven with the storms of prayer. By Alfred Lord Tennyson
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Turning, for them who pass, the common dust Of servile opportunity to gold. By William Wordsworth
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Auto insurance is a toll bridge, over which every honest driver has to pass. By Jane Bryant Quinn
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Waiting at the wrong place, most like. By Donna Tartt
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A commuter tie-up consists of you - and people who for some reason won't use public transit. By Robert Breault
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services. I had three By Sprech Media
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Pay now, play later; play now, pay later. By John C. Maxwell
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Free spirited free riders they're on their way but don't know where they're going ... By Warren Miller
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It's all about the parking By Jon Boorstin
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Entering the phone booth, he did a phone thing.Ring-ring-ring. By Philip K. Dick
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If there is no Caller, there are no callings - only work. By Os Guinness
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You must know the size of your calling and its value By Sunday Adelaja
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My cellphone calls random people. By Sarah Mlynowski
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You and I come by road or rail, but economists travel on infrastructure. By Margaret Thatcher
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Bits in the ether. By James Gleick
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Marketing, shmarketing. By Joy Mutter
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The morning drizzle tightened the District's notorious braided-knot commute into a noose of traffic. - Scott Drayco By B.v. Lawson
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Electricity, the peril the wind sings to in the wires on a gray day. By Janet Frame
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Before mobile phones, I used to call my parents from a phone box and reverse the charges. By Tamara Ecclestone
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Service is the rent we pay for the life we have been given. By Marian Wright Edelman
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your second-hand bicycles in the alleyways By John Altman
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Roadway. We didn't stop at the house, but instead rounded the corner and stopped a block away. Stepping out and By James Patterson
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Maximise the alternative forms in which a user might receive a service, and the alternative sources of supply. By Don Chipp
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central thoroughfare, stood a By Robert Galbraith
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Why do they call it rush hour if no one moves? By Robin Williams
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Storming, enjoying, planning, loving, cautioning,Backing and filling, appearing and disappearing,I tread day and night such roads. By Walt Whitman
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Lenders to trade their long-term income streams for short-term cash. Say By Matt Taibbi
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Delay and dirt are the realities of the most rewarding travel. By Paul Theroux
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sweeping out of shops, and the By Charles Dickens
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The phone company handles 84 billion calls a year-everything from kings, queens, and presidents to the scum of the earth. By Lily Tomlin
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Render more service than you are paid for and eventually you will be paid more for less services rendered. By Napoleon Hill
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If a local doesn't have to pay it, there's a way for traveler's to get around it. By Russell Hannon
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There is something peculiarly dispriting about the emptiness that wells up when, in a strange city, one dials the same telephone numbers in vain. By W.g. Sebald
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that were to drive us to the port to By Isabel Allende
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There are roads where people go, and where they should arrive is their mission. By Eraldo Banovac
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The weight of wait. By Cameron Conaway
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Sailing, the most expensive way to travel 3rd class By Buzzy Trent
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33% of urban traffic is actively seeking a parking space. By Donald Shoup
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I live on an island, and my community is served by a ferry that goes three times a day. By Chellie Pingree
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Some people in the utility industry have called it 'circling the drain' By Richard Kauffmann
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Idleness and pride tax with a heavier hand than kings and governments. By Benjamin Franklin
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You realize just how long youve been away when you get home and start dialing 8 out of habit so you can get access to local calls. By Tom Berenger
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villeins; and we have labour paid in kind, and leaseholders, By Leo Tolstoy
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Winding up days with toil and nights with sleep. By William Shakespeare
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Worry:Interest paid on trouble before it falls due. By Dean Ing
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Some trips are more than distance traveled in miles. By Lucy Knisley
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I hate any kind of owing of anything. By Lemar
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Money expedited delivery. By Kresley Cole
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Who goes a-borrowing goes a-sorrowing. By Thomas Tusser
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All part of the service. By Peter David
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Your calling multiplies you By Sunday Adelaja
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Calling a taxi in Texas is like calling a rabbi in Iraq. By Fran Lebowitz
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For gold the merchant ploughs the main,The farmer ploughs the manor. By Robert Burns
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Stamps God's own name upon a lie just made, To turn a penny in the way of trade. By William Cowper
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Customer service. That is what it means. By Jon Jones
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Cashier." Turnover By Nicholson Baker
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In the outer city, the northern accents clamoring around By Cinda Williams Chima
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Farting, don't think, just fart. By John Cage
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Every damn fool thing you do in this life you pay for. By Edith Piaf
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rush-hour commuters who were surprised by By Nicholas Sparks
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Phone phreaking is a type of hacking that allows you to explore the telephone network by exploiting the phone systems and phone company employees. By Kevin Mitnick
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Errands of mercyerrands of sindid you ever think where all the thousands of people you daily meet are bound? By Elizabeth Gaskell
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That's where the money is, on the road. By Aries Spears
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The unsuspected is the daily fare of the traveler in Thibet ... By Alexandra David-Neel
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What is one ever doing anywhere? By Christopher Isherwood
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subway escalators; By Nicholson Baker
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We are in the midst of a VoIP communications revolution, By Jeff Pulver
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the fear of being trapped between cars. By Janette Rallison
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My phone has been ringing off the hook. I have like 17 cell phones and pagers. By Steven Cojocaru
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Any company executive who overcharges the government more than $5 million will be fined $50 or have to go to traffic school three nights a week By Art Buchwald
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using parking meters as walking sticks. By Tom Waits
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The craft of the merchant is this bringing a thing where it abounds to where it is costly. By Ralph Waldo Emerson
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right-of-passage. I By Shayne Silvers
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Isn't it exhausting?""What?""Keeping people out. By K.a. Tucker
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Frequent streets and short blocks are valuable because of the fabric of intricate cross-use that they permit among the users of a city neighbouhood. By Jane Jacobs
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To reach a port we must sail, sometimes with the wind, and sometimes against it. But we must not drift or lie at anchor. By Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
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Oversized retail operations of the sort that are called "outlets" (as if they were sewer drains rather than shopping locations). By Stephen King
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A man's home is no longer his castle; it is no longer a place away from urgent tasks because the telephone breaches the walls with imperious demands. By Charles Hummel
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The road is a lot of work. By Christina Aguilera
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No one likes a straight road but the man who pays for it, or who, when he travels, is brute enough to wish to get to his journey's end. By J. Sheridan Le Fanu
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Cities are fueled by the listless agony of workers providing services to other workers who barely acknowledge those services. By Helen Oyeyemi
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Relentless and cynical traffic-trawling is bad for the soul. By Nick Denton
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I am stuck in traffic in a taxicabwhich is typicaland nong>oong>t just ong>oong>f mong>oong>dern life By Frank O'hara
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fast-food/gas-pump By Nicholson Baker
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In the fields of opportunity it's plowing time again. By Neil Young
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Bankers, nepotists, contracts and talkies: on four fingers one may count the leeches which have sucked a young and vigorous industry into paresis. By Dalton Trumbo
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Wrong turns just added more to who you are. I didn't know that they also add to the toll you must pay to go back. By Vikki Wakefield
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Loss. This was the price the world had demanded for balance. By Leigh Bardugo
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The greatest cost, namely time. By Antiphon
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When you're on the road, there is awlays the promise of the next stop being better than the last By Gayle Forman
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personal expenses By Lisa Deckert
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It's a dangerous business, going out your door. By J.r.r. Tolkien
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the medieval contract known as the census, which allowed one party to buy a stream of annual payments from another. By Niall Ferguson
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I must've been a telemarketer in a previous life and now I'm being punished for it. By Harper Bentley
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Once, I took a taxi. I hate those limousines. They stink and their drivers have been driving dead people to the cemeteries. By Klaus Kinski
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