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The French cook; we open tins. By John Galsworthy
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Ankh-Morpork, the melting pot of the world, which occasionally runs foul of lumps that don't melt. By Terry Pratchett
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Good rice sticks together, By Kim Harrison
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You used to stir my imagination. Now you don't even stir my curiosity. By Oscar Wilde
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Who hastens a glutton choakes him. By George Herbert
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More delicious aromas rose. He sprinkled in a By John Flanagan
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As the yeere is, your pot must seeth. By George Herbert
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Hot and hasty, like a Scotch jig. By William Shakespeare
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My mind is troubled, like a fountain stirr'd; And I myself see not the bottom of it. By William Shakespeare
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A crier of green sauce. By Francois Rabelais
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A scepter is one thing, and a ladle another. By George Herbert
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Question your tea spoons. By Georges Perec
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A spoonful of hope and a cup of despair By Robert Jordan
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What was scattered, gathers. What was gathered, blows away By Heraclitus
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Sauces in cookery are like the first rudiments of grammar - the foundation of all languages. By Alexis Soyer
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Flynn Rider: Frying pans... who knew, right? By Walt Disney Company
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Those two Quagmires will whisk and whisk until they are simply whisked away. By Lemony Snicket
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Liaison usually involving two people and their dirty dishes. By Richard Summerbell
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I was stirred only like a leaf in the wind, that is all ... By Anais Nin
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My heart stirring this way and that like so much hot soup, By Helen Oyeyemi
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Only cream and SOBs rise to the top. By Al Neuharth
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Ye diners out from whom we guard our spoons. By Thomas B. Macaulay
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The vulgar boil, the learned roast, an egg. By Alexander Pope
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Correct the seasoning' - how that time-tested direction stimulates the born cook! By Irma S. Rombauer
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Whosoever says truffle, utters a grand word, which awakens erotic and gastronomic ideas ... By Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
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Slotted spoons don't hold much soup... By Stephen Sondheim
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Cornbread!" he screamed. "CHICKEN!" the crowd responded. "Rice!" "PEAS!" And then, all together: "WE GOT HIGHER S-A-Ts. By John Green
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I can fry hollandaise, I can fry ketchup, I can fry mustard. By Wylie Dufresne
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I made the unexpected but happy discovery that the answer to several of the questions that most occupied me was in fact one and the same: Cook. By Michael Pollan
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Those, that with haste will make a mighty fire,Begin it with weak straws. By William Shakespeare
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sometimes you need to make a mess. By Ann Brashares
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My mother used to say that no one knows what's going on in a stew but the pot and the spoon. By Una Lamarche
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If you are willing to stir a pot, you better be willing to eat what comes out of it. By Wes Fesler
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Fiery peppers and strange spices heat the blood, she cannot help herself. By George R R Martin
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Some people just love to stir the pot, but don't realize they're cooking themselves. By Richie Norton
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They'd come here to spoon and, on one memorable occasion, fork. By Terry Pratchett
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cream of banana soup By Tom Robbins
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When we have a brilliant idea, instead of making others think it is ours, why not let them cook and stir the idea themselves. By Dale Carnegie
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Soup is the song of the hearth ... and the home. By Louis Pullig De Gouy
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Shoveling food into his mouth. Thoughts came fluently, cogently: By Robert Galbraith
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Shakin' like a bowl of soup and make your body loop-de-loop. By Sam Cooke
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The hand that controls the supper dish rules the world! By Charles M. Schulz
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It was pizza. Someone had stir-fried a pizza. By Cassandra Clare
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Flakes. I was exhausted, shattered, in bewilderment. But behind the bewilderment the truth was By Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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But you shoutet and you knocked those mixers off the shelf and there was a big crash. By Mark Haddon
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Now, look, baby, 'Union' is spelled with 5 letters. It is not a four-letter word. By Dorothy Parker
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You're cooking", said Elizabeth, and each word came out of her mouth as if it was ashamed of being in the room with the others, "bunny soup. By Liam Perrin
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Puddings, my dear sir?' cried Graham.Puddings. We trice 'em athwart the starboard gumbrils, when sailing by and large. By Patrick O'brian
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Shite and onions! By James Joyce
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Hot crumpets with butter and jam - what could be more ambrosial? By William Boyd
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When I was a kid and my mom made tomato soup, she would cut buttered toast into squares and float them on top of each bowl. By Tom Douglas
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Cooking is an act of love, a gift, a way of sharing with others the little secrets 'piccoli segreti' that are simmering on the burners. By Sophia Loren
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She was the trembler of knees, the spiller of teacups. By Khaled Hosseini
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To go like a cat upon a hot bakestone. By John Ray
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Was it wife soup and husband soup on the Other Side? Or was it simply soup? By Tom Robbins
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I like to add something unusual to a dish. By Yotam Ottolenghi
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plate stacked high with chocolate waffles (slutty pancakes, he called them). By Eric Arvin
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You wake up in the morning and you look at your old spoon, and you say to yourself, 'Mick, it's time to get yourself a new spoon.' And you do. By Mick Jagger
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Don't stir all the warmth out of your coffee; drink it. By Kate Chopin
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There was a pot of boiling rage on a private stove behind their closed curtains: By Margaret Atwood
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Hurt and confusion mixing with anger to form a dangerously flammable cocktail. By Miranda Dickinson
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A bludgeon of wives (surely that must be the plural assignation)! By Steven Erikson
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But what kind of person makes tea in a blender? By Randall Munroe
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I watch cooking change the cook, just as it transforms the food. By Laura Esquivel
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Water begins to boil in the kettle; it starts as a private, secluded sound, pure as rain, and grows to a steady, solipsistic bubbling. By Amit Chaudhuri
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People say 'Why do you make pots?' Because I'm compelled to - life isn't right without it. By David Roberts
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A good pot holds memories. By Michael Pollan
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For a witch is nothing without her Spoon. By Catherynne M Valente
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communion with God in the middle of bags of flour By Yann Martel
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I like to have friends in the kitchen and make a big mess and use every pot in the kitchen. By Ted Allen
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How they chirped over their cups. By Robertson Davies
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The word rattled in my head like rocks in an oatmeal box. By Janet Fitch
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I'm an instant atar. Just add Ester and stir. By David Bowie
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Smeagol won't grub for roots and carrotses and - taters. What's taters,precious, eh, what's taters?""Po-ta-toes!" said Sam. By J.r.r. Tolkien
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A watched supper dish never fills! By Charles M. Schulz
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Stirred him so bone deep it was like he'd found a part of him he hadn't even realized was missing. By Sarah J. Maas
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How do the alchemies of the kitchen transform the raw stuffs of nature into some of the great delights of human culture? By Michael Pollan
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hand-crank sieve. By Michael Kaye
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The only thing I've cooked while entertaining is stir-fry. By Robert Webb
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To pile up honey upon sugar, and sugar upon honey, to an interminable tedious sweetness. By Charles Lamb
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Churning, baking, spinning and soap-making. In summer, By Elizabeth Enright
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The British cook, for her iniquities, is a foolish woman who should be turned into a pillar of salt which she never knows how to use. By Oscar Wilde
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For the love of all humanity, shake what your mama gave you! By Jim Benton
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A splendour of miscellaneous spirits. By John Ruskin
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Things, even people have a way of leaking into each other like flavours when you cook. By Salman Rushdie
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There's something mystical about perfect hash browns, something that stirs the soul, By Dean Koontz
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And books -- she swallows like dumplings. By Sholem Aleichem
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with a whim of iron. By Simon R. Green
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A cook is creative, marrying ingredients in the way a poet marries words. By Roger Verge
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Long aprons with starch. Off in the drawing room, it sounded like bees buzzing. Missus showed By Sue Monk Kidd
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Some simple dishes recommend themselves to our imaginations as well as palates. By Henry David Thoreau
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CHAPTER 64 Stubb's Supper By Herman Melville
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Who sail on stormy seas; And that's the way I get my bread A trifle, if you please. By Lewis Carroll
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She is officiating the marriage of two bottles of ketchup; overturning one and balancing it on the mouth of the other so it can empty its shit. The By Marie-Helene Bertino
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Kissing Mother Superior, incompetent, hairball, poppy seeds, on the can. By Jennifer Egan
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When a couch potato is sliced up and then deep fried that is couch french fries. By Demetri Martin
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The tools of aggression we have do not work as well in bloated, multi-way pots. By Ed Miller
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Clouds of flavors and savors float around the thing-in-itself. By Mason Cooley
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Union of the Hideously and Improbably Deformed, By David Foster Wallace
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Chocolate Melting By Peggy Dulle
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