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Solaris a blaze of freedom raging. By R.j. Askew
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I definitely play some games, like Nintendo D.S. or the Wii, and some computer games. By Luis Von Ahn
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The right server for the right job. By Bob Muglia
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I played lots of games and I was a fan of gaming, so I was always looking for new games. By Duncan Jones
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The gaming experience on Windows Vista is going to go beyond any of the gaming consoles and anything that's been done before. By Jim Allchin
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Gears of War: Exile was an unannounced game that I can't give any details about that has since been cancelled. By Cliff Bleszinski
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I'm not a big gamer, really. I used to play back in the day - 'Mario Brothers,' 'Mario Kart' and 'Mortal Kombat.' By Grace Park
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I've been online since 1989; I was sysop on several CompuServe forums. By Dave Debronkart
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I think there will be PCs at every price point. By Bill Gates
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I'm a gamer. I play PlayStation all the time. By Luke Goss
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Everything I do is Mingus. By Charles Mingus
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I play video games, dude! By Stephan Jenkins
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I'm not really big on video games at all, I played a lot at the arcade as a kid. I didn't have a system growing up at my house. By Kyp Malone
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The gaming world is a complete mystery to me! Well, I did play Pac Man and Frogger using big machines at an arcade back in the '80s. By Doug Jones
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The term 'steampunk' itself, now a badge of honor, began as a putdown, a joke. But like 'Big Bang' in cosmology, the diss became the standard. By Paul Di Filippo
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There is a board game called Settlers of Catan. That is what I play. I am so embarrassed. By Andrew Luck
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I never was much of a game player, but I loved to be on the computer. By Cory Arcangel
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One game I'm always on is 'NBA Jam.' And 'Bejeweled,' games like that, and 'Temple Run.' By Kyrie Irving
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When you master role-playing [gaming], you become immersed in an activity that is peerless among leisure-time pursuits. By Gary Gygax
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I'm a huge 'Call of Duty' fan, 'Minecraft' and all those kinds of video games. I'm constantly playing video games every day. By Olivia Holt
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I am still playing 'Words With Friends,' but on Virgin Atlantic. By Alec Baldwin
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I have a pig valve. By Barbara Bush
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WEAPON: Steamroller ADVANTAGES: Extremely effective. DISADVANTAGES: Where are you going to get a steamroller? By David Brogenicht
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I deleted all the games from my computer. I spent days trawling the Internet. I started slowly. By Mary Garden
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I'll play it and tell you what it is later. By Miles Davis
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Space - First coin-op arcade game - port of Spacewar! By Ernest Cline
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Hearthstone. Magnus and I will go in, find Thor's hammer, and free Gunilla. By Rick Riordan
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Unix is back in vogue. By Murphy J. Foster Jr.
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I'm platform agnostic. I've been platform agnostic ever since I went online. By Michelle Phan
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I play a lot of 'Scrabble' with my brother online. By Lea Thompson
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Operating systems are like underwear - nobody really wants to look at them. By Bill Joy
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The classics can console. But not enough. By Derek Walcott
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I'll play it first and tell you what it is later. By Miles Davis
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I intend to launch a massive National Program for PDS Computerisation. By Narendra Modi
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I want to play many different characters. By Demi Moore
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I don't play video games. By Clive Owen
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Certainly, the Windows share of servers is strong. By Bill Gates
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You show me a great program and I'll show you a passionate individual somewhere behind it. By Andy Hertzfeld
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In addition to Naviant, Kapella's brag book includes Navistar and Tempstar, Telegy and Telegent, Verbex and Azurex, Nortel and Meritel. By Anonymous
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Valve wouldn't have gotten its start By Gabe Newell
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A pod's activated ahead of us, releasing a gush of steam that parboils everyone in its path, leaving the victims intestine-pink and very dead. By Suzanne Collins
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How the hell can you play here? By Harmon Killebrew
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I play a lot of computer games. I love computer graphics. I've had Pixar in me for a long time. By Robin Williams
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All my games are real By Bobby Fischer
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I'm on the Web a lot. I like to play games online. Sometimes I play Sims. By Miranda Cosgrove
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Mode of providing steam power to locomotives. By John Ericsson
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PlayStation: Live in your world. Play in ours... ...and once you're hooked on gaming you'll live and play in our world exclusively. By Beryl Dov
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We were not out to win over the Lisp programmers; we were after the C++ programmers. We managed to drag a lot of them about halfway to Lisp. By Guy Steele
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The future of Windows is to let the computer see, listen and even learn. By Bill Gates
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I would love to see all open-source innovation happen on top of Windows. By Steve Ballmer
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Mysteriously escaped and disappeared. The programmes By George Orwell
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Poirot is a classic character from fiction, not a MacBook Air; he would not benefit from updates. By Sophie Hannah
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Christianity on HP - Buy now, Pray later By Jonathan Aitken
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PC gaming has always been strong, and I see it surviving for quite a few more years. It will be around for at least as long as people use PCs. By Markus Persson
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CHAT ROOM G. S. Hitchcock By G.s. Hitchcock
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PCs don't suck. They're inadequate. By Marc Andreessen
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I'm not a computer guy. I have my Smith Corona. I would know nothing about computers. By Joe Arpaio
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I came quite late to gaming: I didn't start playing until 2002. By Richard K. Morgan
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I'm a gamer, so I play '2k,' 'Call of Duty,' and 'Madden.' I think I can play those games every day. By Trey Burke
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You must own it to play it. By Roy Haynes
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My favourite game is Postal because it is so politically incorrect. By Uwe Boll
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Our developers will make great games for whatever high-end platforms exist. By Mike Wilson
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Willpower is steam for life's locomotion. By Praveen Kumar
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Somehow whatever I play ends up being sleazy. By Paul Giamatti
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I don't play NT games, If you want me to know something tell me, simple! By Tina J. Richardson
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It seems to me that Halloween is the perfect time to get all over steampunk. By Gail Carriger
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Lisp ... made me aware that software could be close to executable mathematics. By L Peter Deutsch
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More than any other modern tool, computers are a total mystery to their users. Most people never open them up to fix them or to see how they work. By Clive Thompson
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Pchem is the root of all evil. By Daniel Lee
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Software is more important than hardware. By Bill Gates
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I mostly played 'Pac-Man', but I played 'The Sims' with my kids when they were growing up. By Lea Thompson
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We're not in hardware for hardware's sake. We're in hardware to be able to express all our platform and productivity software in a way that's unique. By Satya Nadella
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I would like to play with electronic keyboards again. By Andy Summers
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Give me something interesting to play and I'm happy. By Morgan Freeman
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I am not a gamer. Not since the days of Atari. By Patrick Fischler
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I play Xbox in my underwear. By Mark Salling
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loginfo:devswota:: By Anonymous
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Waiting for Godot By Cary Elwes
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I have a PC. My sons have a Mac and swear by it, but I have a couple PC's. By Mitt Romney
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Can you imagine Grandmaster Flash on a laptop? By Paul Oakenfold
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It'strong>sstrong> the rare book that'strong>sstrong> able to transtrong>sstrong>port you in a way that a movie doestrong>sstrong>. By Bret Easton Ellis
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all systems are go. By Nasa
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Every month I look through some ten thousand games, so not as to miss any new ideas and trends. By Vladimir Kramnik
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A log-in simulator is a program to trick some unknowing user into providing their user name and password. By Kevin Mitnick
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I've got Pacman, Galaga, Galaxian, Daytona 500. Those are the games I grew up playing. By Ray Lewis
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I cannot do it without comp[u]ters. By William Shakespeare
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Itching to play a video game inside a video game? By Reki Kawahara
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I'll play it first and figure out what it's called later. By Miles Davis
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It's easier to add things on to a PC than it's ever been before. It's one click, and boom, it comes down. By Bill Gates
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I'm about unity. By Alveda King
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Virtual Piggy was created to provide a safe way for kids to shop online with parental approval, in recognition of growing digital world kids live in. By Jo Webber
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Sherlock Holmes In By Arthur Conan Doyle
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computer-majiggies, By Daniel Jose Older
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In role-playing games, SF and fantasy have exploded into psychotherapy. By Brian W. Aldiss
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Oddly enough, my partner went on Prodigy when it first came out, and I ended up playing with some of that stuff!. By Bobby Sherman
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I like playing my Tamagotchi and Game Boy. They take me back to the old days when times were more simple. By Kreayshawn
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playing that game! By Diary Wimpy
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I don't play games. I ran away from home because my Dad brought me an Xbox. By Adrien Broner
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Before I got into electronic games, I was making table-top games. By Warren Spector
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Software will give you respect, but hardware will give you the Power. By Akshat Paul
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