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When you work you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to music. By Kahlil Gibran
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I play no instruments. By Clive Davis
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I am a saxophone player. By Nick Offerman
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... the violin - that most human of all instruments ... By Louisa May Alcott
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We are as the flute, and the music in us is from thee; we are as the mountain and the echo in us is from thee. By Rumi
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I play saxophone, I play tenor sax. By Andy Serkis
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The sarangi, the ney flute are pretty ancient instruments. By Howard Shore
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I picked up a harmonica and taught myself. By Sam Barry
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I love the French horn. By Vanessa Williams
Flute Quotes : pic 000994286 play the instrument you have. By Ursula K. Le Guin
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Dad brought it home from Paris when Terese was five. What other kid that age had a $10,000 oboe? By S.a. Bodeen
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I've played everything but the harp. By Lionel Barrymore
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I have never received a flute from them for free and I would not accept such a gift from any manufacturer. By James Galway
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I started off playing the clarinet, after I was inspired by listening to my dad's Benny Goodman records. By Alvin Lee
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I played saxophone and trumpet. Pretty nerdy. By Kesha
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The banjo am the instrument for me. By Grandpa Jones
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I play, like, 12 instruments. Guitar, piano, harmonica, African drums ... I'm working on mastering the accordion. By Lucas Grabeel
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I play piano and drums very poorly and French horn and tuba all equally as bad. By Wynton Marsalis
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I play piano and trumpet. I studied classical guitar. By Mike Figgis
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The ukulele is the instrument of peace, By Jake Shimabukuro
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I'm a little musically inclined; I play the clarinet and the saxophone. By Joel Murray
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I am the hole on the flute that Gods breath flows through. By Eckhart Tolle
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I used to play violin, but I wasn't very good! By Birdy
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We need to play each others instruments. By Steven Johnson
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I played cello in my high school orchestra. By Eberhard Weber
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The clarinet is a musical instrument the only thing worse than which is two. By Ambrose Bierce
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I play the piano and have been playing since I was 7, mainly classical Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart. By Kiana Tom
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I can never make up my mind if I'm happy being a flute player, or if I wish I were Eric Clapton. By Ian Anderson
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I played the clarinet, and my sister played the violin ... If we'd had the discipline and the passion, maybe we could have been good. By Sara Zarr
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I can't play any instrument for the life of me, but I know what I want to hear. By Lupe Fiasco
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If you're learning a new instrument, have fun ... By Phil Ehart
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I think my first instrument was a ukulele that they gave me. I used to know how to play that pretty well. By Don Henley
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I don't know why, but I like the saxophone. By Matt Dillon
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So I suppose that means we can actually play the instruments. By Stewart Copeland
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Let the violin become a fiddle, boy. By Gina Marinello-Sweeney
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I look at my clarinet sometimes and I think, I wonder what's going to come out of there tonight? You never know. By Acker Bilk
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God gave me the gift to be able to play instruments and I have to play. By Lenny Kravitz
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I can play any instrument if you give me 20 minutes. By Brittany Murphy
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i play a mean harmonica By James Patterson
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My voice is an instrument. By David Coverdale
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I'm practicing the oboe. But I don't play. Just single notes, not an entire piece of music. By Lola Kirke
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I must play the instrument I've got. By Saul Bellow
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I like to play the ukulele, but I'm not, like, awesome at it. I mostly play the piano and the guitar. By Zooey Deschanel
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Saxophone is one thing, and music is another. By Steve Lacy
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Know the names of past and current artists who are most famous for playing their instruments. By Marilyn Vos Savant
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There's nothing remarkable about it. All one has to do is hit the right keys at the right time and the instrument plays itself. By Johann Sebastian Bach
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It's hard to play with a bagpipe player. It's like an exotic bird. I love the sound, it's like strangling a goose. By Tom Waits
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Teach him how you will, a pig will never play the flute. By Robert Jordan
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The oboe is the most maddening thing of all time. I'm struggling to play something that my oboe teacher was doing when she was much younger than I am. By Lola Kirke
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Music comes from the musician, not the instrument. By Victor Wooten
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I wish I played an instrument, but I could never decide which one, and I ended up playing nothing. By Nastassja Kinski
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The Band advances to the cadence of the flute, and has no call for retreat. Its code is Stand and Die. By Steven Pressfield
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I play as many different things - piano, sax and harp parts - as I can at once. Whatever I can fit, whenever I need to. By Stevie Ray Vaughan
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I used to play drums when I was a kid, play the trombone. By Dolph Lundgren
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I can play a lot of different instruments adequately but nothing really well. By Amy Winehouse
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A musician carries the music within him. He needs no specific instrument. he is the music. By Marlo Morgan
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The guitar is the coolest instrument in the world. By Steve Vai
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I do a mean mouth trumpet. By James Norton
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Your mallet or your stick goes through the instrument, the sound goes out and then wherever the sound goes nobody knows, you know. By Evelyn Glennie
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I'm a terrible trumpet player. By Ray Stevens
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I grew up playing classical piano and percussion. By Janina Gavankar
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Notes, usually to be musical, have to move in or out. They don't sound like clarinets! By Ray Still
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I play the harmonica. The only way I can play is if I get my car going really fast, and stick it out the window. By Steven Wright
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We Play the broken string of our instruments one last time By John Green
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Clarinets, like lawyers, have cases, mouthpieces, and they need a constant supply of hot air in order to function. By Victor Borge
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I love to play music. By Gavin Degraw
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No other acoustic instrument can match the piano's expressive range, and no electric instrument can match its mystery. By Kenneth R. Miller
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No birdcall is the musical equal of a clarinet blown with panache. By Edward Hoagland
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I can play every instrument there is, every horn, I've played all the saxes and trumpets and everything and keyboards. By Dick Dale
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Well, my main instrument is violin, but I think of myself as a songwriter who happens to play violin. By Andrew Bird
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They'd been played. By a tuba! By Jude Watson
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Somehow, trumpet is the reference point for me - it was actually my first instrument. By Pat Metheny
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Temple of Sumahearing the unblown flute in the deep shade of trees sumadera ya / fukanu fue kiku / koshitayami By Matsuo Basho
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You say you're a pessimist, but I happen to know that you're in the habit of practicing your flute for two hours every evening. By Friedrich Nietzsche
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I want you to play me like a cello. By Gayle Forman
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I don't play just one-two-three-four. I try to play melodies. By John Densmore
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We really were a very musical family. Father managed to buy us a small pump organ, and I just loved this instrument. By Lawrence Welk
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I write on all instruments. By Billy Sherwood
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Voice is my instrument. By Debra Wilson
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The trumpet is forceful. By Lester Bowie
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I studied the cello for a long time, from when I was little up through college. By Lev Grossman
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I don't play any instruments, but I do read a lot. By Deep Roy
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The only instrument I can play is piano. Whenever I make songs at home, I play the piano and make them on the piano. By Yoko Ono
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Not the rich viol, trump, cymbal, nor horn,Guitar, nor cittern, nor the pining flute,Are half so sweet as tender human words. By Bryan Procter
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As a young musician, you really want to play. By Susanna Phillips
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If you play something well, I don't care what it is. I mean, I don't play an electric [violin] - I tried. It's actually interesting. By Itzhak Perlman
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I've played piano and guitar when I was younger. By Debra Wilson
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I played the trumpet a bit like a porker, I think. By Boris Vian
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Play the flute of felicity! You, yourself, are the melody. By Rumi
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I play piano, but not well enough to play professionally. By Gordon Lightfoot
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I got to try the bagpipes. It was like trying to blow an octopus. By James Galway
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I played classical as a kid. By John Legend
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I started calling myself the Pied Piper, when I started using the flute sound in my music. By R. Kelly
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By the age of eleven it was . . . too late for the piano and the violin. By Jasper Rees
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My first instrument was actually the trombone, but that didn't last long. Soon I was playing guitar in bands from the time I was 11 or 12. By Dave Grohl
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First you learn the instrument, then you learn the music, then you forget all that s**t and just play. By Charlie Parker
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Benny Goodman plays the clarinet. I play music. By Artie Shaw
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The viola and the clarinet made for an interesting pairing: we had to imagine the accompaniment of other instruments, ideally a violin and a cello. By Nicholas Christopher
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Thank God, I'll never have to play the cello again. By Pablo Casals
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Cello is my first instrument, then piano, drums, bass, violin, recorder, saxophone, but I'd never play them live! By Dev Hynes
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